I am a French-trained software engineer, now located in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. I finished my Master’s thesis on deep learning methods for 3D pose estimation and graduated in December 2018 from Georgia Tech.

My longstanding passion for space exploration has enabled me to meet incredible people over the years, leading me down the line to join teams working on small satellites and remote sensing. I am currently an engineer at Lynk (if you watch our demo video you can even hear me swear out of excitement…) where I help build ground and flight software for innovative communication satellites. 🛰️

While my background covers both hardware and software, I have been mostly growing my interests and skills in the software area. I am versatile and have taken on challenges ranging from the development of custom embedded Linux environments for spacecrafts to full-stack development in micro-services architectures for ground applications.

I have been growing a strong interest in DevOps and I have been skilling up on best practices for CI/CD pipelines and Infrastructure as Code. My homelab is used as a training ground for networking and automation, and to try out a bunch of self-hosted apps. 🐳

I am an enthusiastic user (and aspiring contributor) of open source software and I am generally excited to apply my skills to projects that can bring positive change to the world! 🌎

You can reach me here: contact AT remigourdon.com 📧